This project aims to collate a national register of common good assets.

The idea for project grew out of reporting by Ally Tibbitt and Jamie Mann on The Ferret.

It emerged that the collective value of Scotland’s common good funds has steadily declined over the years amid questions over the way local authorities have managed these assets. You can find our reporting on common good assets here: https://theferret.scot/tag/common-good-fund/

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The initial data for the project has been collated from a series of Freedom of Information requests that were processed by Ally Tibbitt and Euan Healy.

However the data is still ‘messy’ and still incomplete. You can help us by suggesting changes to the register to make the existing data easier to understand. Even better, you can help improve it by sending us photos, location details or better descriptions of the assets.

You can send suggestions or improvements via The Ferret website.