• Longman Industrial Estate, Harbour Road

    What we know about this asset

    Description: Includes sites 32 ( Site area 2992.19m², Postcode: IV1 1UF, UPRN: 130114123), 35B (Site area 5030.46m², Postcode: IV1 1RY, UPRN: 130113998) & 35D (Site area 1624.58m², Postcode: IV1 1UA. UPRN: 130029534). Sites 32 & 35B acquired from British Transport Commission in 1953. 35D title in favour of Council described in Notice of Title recorded in 1982. All leased out.

    Additional info:

    Local Authority: Highland Council

    Common Good Fund: Inverness

    Value: £

    Moveable? Non-moveable

    Asset ID: 2867

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    Address: Harbour Road

    Town or City: Inverness





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