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It’s hoped that over time this website will develop into a comprehensive source of information on Scotland’s Common Good assets.

There’s a long way to go, so please regard this website as a “minimum viable product” at the moment. The data on Scotland’s 2960 common good assets is patchy to say the least – even though they are collectively estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

All the information we have so far is derived from multiple Freedom of Information requests to local authorities.

There is no standard reporting or recording mechanism for common good assets, apart from statutory accounting requirements, so it’s been a substantial amount of work to get the data we have into a consistent format and published on one website.

Nevertheless, the data does provide an insight into the odd world of common good property. There are industrial estates, car parks, civic buildings, farms, numerous parks and shops, war memorials, and more esoteric things – such as chairs, robes, historic civic regalia and other artworks all deemed common good assets.

There are also a lot of very poorly described small pockets of land.

We plan to add to this data and update it over time. But if you’d like to help us improve the way it is presented, or add to it by sending us photos, location or historic information, we’d be very grateful.

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