Explore Scotland’s Common Good Assets

Scotland’s has at least 2960 common good assets that are collectively worth an estimated £860m.

They are supposed to be managed separately from normal council resources and – according to a 1491 law still in force – used “for the common good of the town.”

Although each council should publish a register of common good assets, if it has any, there is no national register and no consistency in how assets are recorded. Research shows that the local common good assets are often not as well managed as they could be.

This site aims to make it easier to find out about common good assets all over Scotland, with a long-term aim of acting as an increasingly detailed, consistent national asset register.

You can use the search box below to search the entire register. Try searching for a council or town name, or a kind of asset, like a park, shop or statue. You might be surprised!


The data on Scotland’s 2960 common good assets is patchy and hard to find – this website aims to fix that.

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